Metcela Received the Best Research Award at the Well-being & Age-Tech 2022 Award | Metcela Inc.

Metcela Co-CEO Takahiro Iwamiya received the “Best Research Award” at the Well-being & Age-Tech 2022 Award sponsored by the Well Aging Economic Forum.

About Well Aging Economic Forum

The Well Aging Economic Forum is a pro bono community of government, academia, and industry launched in 2019 with the aim of co-creating value to enhance wellbeing in a super-aging society by transcending position, age, and generational barriers and fusing knowledge and ambition in anticipation of 2050 in Japan, the world’s most aged and advanced nation.

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About the Best Research Award

The Well Aging Economic Forum’s Well-being & Age-tech 2022 Award recognized Metcela for its contribution to promoting digital and scientific innovation that enhances the inclusiveness of the super-aging society and the Well-being of its citizens.