Metcela will present at【HVC KYOTO 2022 Post-event ①】Alumni Showcase -Regenerative Medicine Edition- | Metcela Inc.

HVC KYOTO is a start-up growth support program centered on one of the largest healthcare-specific pitch events in Japan.
In total, 140 start-ups have participated in the event since 2016, and the total amount of funding raised after pitching at the main event has exceeded USD 185 million. The post events are opportunities for these Alumni to present the latest trends in business and research.
Metcela was invited to present at their “Alumni Showcase – Regenerative Medicine Edition”.


Tue. Oct. 18, 2022 / 1:25p.m.~3:10p.m.(JST)


  • Yasumichi Hitoshi, M.D.
    CEO, Thyas Co., Ltd.
  • Ami Okuno
    Manager, Business Development Dept., Metcela Inc.
  • Tets Nagamoto, M.D.
    Boad Member, HiLung Inc.


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